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How to Purchase Foot-Friendly Shoes

Foot fashions have certainly changed a lot over the decades. From light-up sneakers to Ugg boots, many people enjoy having fashion-forward shoes. However, these same shoes that you might enjoy wearing day in and day out, might be causing some problems for your feet, including bunions, corns and calluses, and hammertoe. You may not even notice it until it’s become a significant issue!

Feet take a lot of abuse, even just from everyday walking. Treat your feet right and they’ll be good to you, too. Here are some helpful rules to follow the next time you go shoe shopping:

Size matters

Shoe sizes vary depending on the shoe’s brand and style. So before you grab your typical size, make sure to try it on first and see how it fits your feet before purchasing. If the next size up feels more comfortable, then those are probably your best bet!

Don’t budge

You might have heard a lot of people talking about how they have to break in their shoes first. In fact, I’m sure at some point new shoes have given you blisters until you’ve stretched them a bit. However, this shouldn’t be the norm. When you buy shoes don’t plan on them stretching out. Instead, select only shoes that conform as much as possible to the shape and contours of your foot.

Modest Height

While wearing towering high heels might make you feel like a supermodel, your feet aren’t as big a fan. Opt for shoes with heels no higher than two inches to ensure good foot health. High heels put too much pressure on your ankle and the balls of the feet, which can cause long-term and painful problems like bunions.

Snug Fit

Already have shoes that are too tight? Consider taking them to your local shoe repair shop to have them stretched!

Shop Smart

Since feet have a tendency to grow throughout the day, it’s best to shop for shoes later in the day when feet are at their biggest. When trying shoes on, be sure to stand up in them to check if there’s enough space for your toes. Also, walk around the store a bit to check if they’re comfortable enough and actually fit you properly.

Wearing the right shoes prevents future foot problems from happening, which means you can continue living the active lifestyle to which you’ve been accustomed. No one wants to deal with sore feet on top of a long day of work, and there’s no reason you should. If you’re experiencing foot pain or you have any questions about your foot health, contact us at (813) 571-2977.

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