Preventing Ingrown Toenails

Are you suffering from an ingrown toenail? At Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Brandon, FL, Dr. Brandi Johnson and Dr. Mark Leitner treat ingrown toenails, as well as other foot and ankle conditions. Let them help you have healthy feet and show you how to prevent another one of these painful nail conditions.

What is an ingrown toenail?

Also called onychocryptosis, an ingrown toenail happens when the corner of the big toenail grows into the skin surrounding it. The Illinois Podiatric Medical Association states that about five percent of Americans have, will have or have had at least one ingrown toenail or another type of nail issue.

So, what's the big deal about it? Ingrown toenails are painful and may lead to serious infections, particularly for people with diabetes or other serious health conditions. Besides pain, symptoms include redness, swelling and limitations on mobility.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

Mostly, onychocryptosis occurs with improper nail trimming--specifically rounding the corners of the nail so that as it grows, it invades the skin. Additionally, tight shoes, bunched up socks, foot trauma, Athlete's foot fungus and even hereditary factors set the stage for an ingrown toenail.

What does treatment involve?

After an examination at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Brandon, Dr. Johnson or FL, Dr. Leitner may advise a partial nail removal--that is, an in-office trimming of the ingrown nail down the entire affected side.

This painless procedure is done with the benefit of local anesthetic and takes just minutes. You'll return home with a bandaged toe and should rest for the balance of the day.

Can you prevent an ingrown toenail?

In many cases, people can prevent ingrown toenails by:

  • Wearing shoes with adequate space in the toe boxes, avoiding pressure and friction
  • Trimming their nails straight across the toes with a sharp, clean clippers
  • Avoiding fungal infections with clean socks, daily foot washing and anti-fungal sprays applied as directed
  • Wearing footwear which protects your feet if you work at a job involving lifting or heavy tools
  • Keeping your toenails clean on top and underneath

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