How To Heal A Foot Fracture

A foot fracture or broken foot is basically a bone injury. You might experience it from a simple fall or misstep, sports accident, or auto accident. The severity of a foot fracture varies and could range from small cracks in the foot bones to severed bones that pierce the skin.

Treatment for foot fractures will depend on their seriousness and their locations. This is why an accurate diagnosis from Dr. Brandi Johnson or Dr. Mark Leitner here at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists in Brandon, FL, is crucial for proper and prompt treatment.

Treating a Foot Fracture

Foot fracture treatments will essentially differ based on which particular bone has been fractured and the fracture’s severity. These can include a combination of the following:

  • These usually include OTC pain medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, among others.

  • A fractured bone should be immobilized for a time so that it can heal properly and doesn’t end up knitting wrongly back together. This might require a cast. However, minor fractures might only require footwear with stiff soles or a removable foot brace. Likewise, fractured toes will need to be taped to the adjacent toe.

  • For displaced fractures, those with misaligned, fractured ends, your podiatrist will have to manipulate the ends and place them in their proper locations. This is known as a reduction. You may be given anesthesia, a sedative, or a muscle relaxant for the procedure depending on the swelling and pain you’re experiencing.

  • Surgical Intervention. In select cases, surgery to attach screws, plates, or pins may be needed to ensure proper positioning of the fractured bones while healing. These will be removed after your fracture has completely healed if they’re causing pain or are prominent.

  • Physical Therapy. Once your fracture has healed completely, you will need to restore your range of motion, strength, and mobility by loosening the stiff ligaments and muscles in the affected foot.

At-Home Care for Foot Fractures

If your foot fracture isn’t critical enough to see your podiatrist in Brandon, FL, you can avoid complications and alleviate your pain by doing the following tips until your appointment with your podiatrist:

  • Always keep the foot elevated.
  • Apply ice to the affected portion every three or four hours for about 15 minutes to ease swelling and pain.
  • Compress and immobilize your foot by wrapping it with a soft bandage.
  • Avoid putting weight or pressure on your fractured foot.

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