• Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Foot Pain
    Not all foot and ankle problems warrant an appointment with a podiatrist. In some cases, rest, ice or even a change in footwear is enough to reduce the pain and Read more
  • Running Shoes: Minimizing Foot Problems for Optimal Training
    If you’re a runner, then you know that your shoes are an integral piece of equipment when it comes to comfort, performance and injury prevention.  Your foot type and function Read more
  • How to Purchase Foot-Friendly Shoes
    Foot fashions have certainly changed a lot over the decades. From light-up sneakers to Ugg boots, many people enjoy having fashion-forward shoes. However, these same shoes that you might enjoy Read more
  • Ready to Run? Visit Your Podiatrist First
    Your feet are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments and a vast network of tendons, nerves and blood vessels.  Each of these parts works in harmony, enabling Read more
  • Got Turf Toe?
    Turf toe is a sprain of the joint just below the big toe, also known as the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint.  Although it’s a condition most commonly associated with dancers, Read more
  • What’s Slowing Down Your Game? It Could Be Faulty Foot Mechanics
    Biomechanics involve how the movements of your lower limbs and feet affect the rest of your body.  When the feet aren’t working correctly, you may experience injuries and pains in Read more
  • Are Your Feet a Pain in the Back?
    Your feet are the foundation of your entire body—complex structures consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints and 126 muscles and ligaments. They support your weight, act as a shock absorber, Read more
  • Get Moving: Exercises to Strengthen Weak, Stiff Ankles
    Following an ankle injury, such as a sprain or in more serious cases, ankle surgery, you will inevitably lose some strength and range of motion after being immobilized for an Read more
  • Chronic Ankle Instability: How to Strengthen Weak Ankles
    Chronic ankle instability (unstable ankle) is a condition characterized by a recurring “giving way” of the outer side of the ankle.  It most often develops following an ankle sprain. When Read more
  • Stretch Your Way to Good Foot Health
    The feet bear a lot of stress from day to day.  That’s why podiatrists recommend stretching as a great way to revitalize and strengthen the feet.  Simple stretches can be Read more

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